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For Genernal University Admission Requirement, please click HERE.

Special considerations may be given to those student athletes who would be regarded as “elite athletes” by the Department. Examples include applicants who

1) are representing / have represented Hong Kong,

2) belong to the HKBU sports team(s),

3) are contributing to the society greatly as an athlete, or

4) have outstanding achievements in the sports field.



Programme Aims and Objectives

To be physically active is an integral and important part of healthy living. With the increasing awareness and need for quality and active lifestyles, the numbers of public and private sport facilities, fitness clubs, and residential clubhouses have increased substantially over the years. There is a high demand for professional management of sports and recreation programmes and facilities as well as delivery of quality physical education in school and community environments. With the continual demand for trained graduates in the field of physical education, sport, and recreation management, the "Physical Education and Recreation Management" (PERM) programme was established in 1992. The overall aim of the PERM is to provide students with sufficient depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and practical experience (internship) in the discipline of physical education and recreation management. Furthermore, under the ethos of "whole person education" of the University, our students will also receive a strong liberal arts education such that they can embark on a variety of careers.

Specifically, the objectives of the PERM are to enable students to:

The PERM programme covers sport science theory and knowledge and sport skill practical courses that are essential for a physical education teacher trainee as well as for a sport coach. For those students who opt for the "Teaching Physical Education in Schools" career track, they need to enroll for an additional year of "Teacher Certificate" programme. By fulfilling the teacher training requirement, graduates can then be eligible to apply for the "Registered Physical Education Teacher" status.

Student Handbook


2020 - 2021 (Section 1 - General Information)

2020 - 2021 (Section 2 - Programme Structure)

2020 - 2021 (Section 3 - Special Notes for Students “Department Policy / Practice”)

2019 - 2020 (Section 1 - General Information)

2019 - 2020 (Section 2 - Programme Structure)

2019 - 2020 (Section 3 - Special Notes for Students “Department Policy / Practice”)

2018 - 2019 YR 1

2018 - 2019 YR 2

2018 - 2019 YR 3

Internship Programme

Internship is one of the essential components of the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree in Physical Education and Recreation Management (PERM) at the Hong Kong Baptist University. It is a strategy of applied learning and a structured programme developed and supervised by the University in collaboration with local and overseas sport and recreation agencies. The internship experience is a valuable element to nurture students' professionalism and a practice to prepare for their future career.


  • To gain practical experience in recreation and sports fields.
  • To integrate and apply the theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real life experience.
  • To develop self-confidence, social and communication skills.
  • To discover strengths and weaknesses while working as an apprentice.




USA Recreation and Sports Camps
  Walt Disney World, Orlando   
Taiwan Camp Sites
  Outward Bound Taiwan
Mainland China  
Beijing, CHengdu, Shenzhen Fitness Centers/ Residential Clubs
Singapore Sports Council, Park, & Playground Agencies


Government -– Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) Facility management, programme development and management
Non-Government Organization Camp Sites, National Sports Associations, Hong Kong Sports Institute, nonprofit organizations
Commercial Fitness Centers, Residential Clubhouses, Sport Marketing Companies, Sport industry, Hong Kong Disneyland


Yeung Ting Ting (US)

It was my best summer ever to have my internship at YMCA Camp in the U.S.! As an over-night camp counsellor, I ran outdoor programs for children aged from 7 to 16 and closely took care of them to have great experience at the camp. I experienced the big differences of education style and working culture between HK and US which inspired me a lot. Apart from the internship, it was also a good opportunity to travel several fabulous cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles with my dear classmates. I have grown a lot by experiencing an awesome summer."


Tsang Uen Wing Jannet, (HK)

I had my internship in the Leisure Cultural Services Department - Tuen Mun Swimming Pool and Tuen Mun District Leisure Services Office. During my internship, I had chances to understand more about preparation process of various events held by LCSD. For examples, I participated in the preparation processes of monthly swimming classes and annual district age group swimming competition. I learnt a lot during these processes. I also met a group of good colleagues and friends during my internship. We worked together in order to make the event successful. Those memories are unforgettable. I learnt a lot during my internship in LCSD.

Ng Ka Yan (Yabuli, China)

It was an unforgettable experience at Club Med as an intern. As I was given opportunities to experience different new tasks. Since Club Med is a well-known resort located in many places around the world. It provides a list of services and activities, such as food and beverage, facilities, sports activities and entertainment shows. During this internship, I was so glad that I could be a part of its circus team, it was the great challenge for me since I had no past related experience in this field. However, I felt pleased when I completed my first circus performance. This is definitely a fruitful and amazing memory in my life.




Yeung Po Kiu (Taiwan)

During my past summer semester break, I went to Camp Taiwan for my internship. I worked as a counselor at the camp for 10 weeks. As English as main medium, we uses English whenever communicating with other campers or the staff. It was a good time for me to train my English listening and speaking skills. As being a counselor, my job was to design and lead youth and teen campers to experience natural beauty and outdoor activities like zip line, canoeing, or river tracing. After my summer internship, I found myself leadership skills, communication skills, as well as self-confident to improve. This Oversea internship will be marked as unforgettable experiences in my life!

Academic Advising Programme 2019/20

Intended outcomes of academic advising programme in the Department/Programme for 2019/20


Through advisor and advisee meetings, students should be able to:

1. Have the necessary information and skills for adapting to university life, particularly academic studies.

2. Develop professional and communication skills of recreation and sport managers.

3. Recognize the need for life-long learning as well as for leading life-long physically active and healthy lifestyle.


Planned activities at the Department/Programme Level

1. To hold departmental orientation meeting with new students of the PERM programme.

2. To hold advisor - advisee meetings of 6-10 hours (Department requirement).

3. To organize a “Professional Skill Learning” meeting for final year students.


Activity Timeline Responsibility
1. 1st week of 1st semester  Programme Advisor  
2. Throughout the year Department Advisors
3. 4th or 5th week of 2nd semester Programme Advisor 

Name Telephone Room No.
Prof. Cheung Siu Yin 3411-5637 AAB 922
Prof. Chung Pak Kwong 3411-7728 AAB 937 
Dr. Hong Sungil 3411-5638 AAB 933
Dr. Huang Yajun Wendy 3411-6401 AAB 929
Dr. Kim Seungmo 3411-7833 AAB 932
Prof. Lau Wing Chung Patrick 3411-5634 AAB 1130
Dr. Louie Hung Tak Lobo 3411-5631 AAB 931
Miss Mak Ka Yee Elain 3411-5735 AAB 920
Dr. Tong Kwok Keung Tom 3411-7770 AAB 935
Mr. Wong Ka Ki Kilo 3411-7759 AAB 919
Dr. Zhang Chunqing 3411-6404 AAB 902C


International Exchange

In order to encourage our PERM (Physical Education and Recreation Mangement) students to broaden their global visions, we have provided numerous overseas exchanges opportunities for them during their study period.

To strengthen the international experience of PERM students by working closely with the Metropolitan Attachment Programme from Student Affairs Office (SAO) and international exchange programmes from International Office (IO) of Hong Kong Baptist University.

The following support will be given to our PERM students:

Currently, we have academic partners from USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Mainland China and Taiwan. Exchange opportunities would be further explored when students are interested. This partnership programme will add value to the students in building their global views.

Graduate Profiles

Sport & Recreation Management/Promotion


Fong Pui Sze (方珮思)
Graduation: 2000
Theme Park Manager

Tam Wai Yeung (譚偉洋)
Graduation: 2007
Assistant Sports Officer






Yeung Chui Ling (楊翠玲)
Graduation: 2009

HK Fencing Team

Gi Ka Man (紀嘉文)
Graduation: 2011
College Track Coach, Half Marathon Men's Senior Champion, HK Marathon 2012








Tsoi Wai Kit (蔡偉傑)
Graduation: 2011
Assistant Recreation Sport Officer
Chan Ka Ho (陳家豪)
Graduation: 2012
College Track Coach, 10K Challenge Men's Senior Champion, HK Marathon 2012









Au Sin Ying (歐倩瑩)
Graduation: 2014
HK Fencing Team
Full time athlete

Chan King Yin (陳敬然)
Graduation: 2014

HK Windsurfing Team
HK Team Coach








Ng Kiu Chung (吳翹充)
Graduation: 2015
HK Gymnastics Team
Full time athlete

Sport Administration
Lam Yuen Ting (林宛廷)
Graduation: 2009
Assistant High Performance Administration Manager

Physical Education
Cho Kit Ying (曹潔凝)
Graduation: 2008
HK Basketball Team

Disciplinary Force
Sham Chun Yin (沈俊彥)
Graduation: 2004
Inspector of Police

Employment Distribution


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