Assistant Professor


DUAN, Yanping 段艷平

Position:             Assistant Professor, Coordinator of B.Soc.Sc. (Hons.) in Sport and Recreation Leadership Program

and Coordinator of Staff Research Development (Shek Mun Campus)
Office:                 12/F Shek Mun Campus, HKBU
Telephone No.:   3411 3080 (office)
Fax No.:               3411 3357 (office)              
Email:                  duanyp@hkbu.edu.hk



Ph.D. in Exercise Psychology, University of Bayreuth, Germany
M.Ed. in Applied Psychology, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, China
B.Sc. in Sports Psychology, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, China

Research Focus

  • Theory- and Evidence-based Physical Activity Behavior Promotion
  • Psycho-social and Socio-cultural Aspects of Health and Physical Activity


Brief Summary
Dr. Duan is an assistant professor of the Department of Sport and Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University. She has diverse research interests in the areas of health as well as sports & exercise psychology. Her main research focus is the environmental, psycho-social and socio-cultural factors of physical activity and dietary behaviour. Dr. Duan is interested in people’s health heaviour change process and its underlying psychosocial mechanism. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles which cover diverse samples (e.g., university students and staff, office-based employees, older adults, cardiac rehabilitation patients) applying various techniques including SMS message-, telephone- and internet-based intervention and randomized controlled trials. Currently Dr. Duan is the member of Sport Psychology division of China Sport Science Society and the member of International Society of Sport Psychology.         


Teaching (Recent 5 years)

  • Health and Fitness
  • Scientific Principle of Human Movement
  • Life-span Development
  • Leisure Counselling
  • PhD Supervision

Recent Publications (Since 2012)

Refereed Journal Articles:

  • Duan Y.P., Wagner P., Zhang R., Wulff H., & Brehm W. (under review). Physical activity areas in parks and their use by elderly across urban conditions. Landscape and Urban Planning.
  • Zhang R., Wulff H., Duan Y.P., Wagner P., & Brehm W. (under revision). Associations between Physical Environment and Park-Based Physical Activity: A Systematic Review. Landscape and Urban Planning.
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  • Tan S.L., Duan Y.P., & Lippke S. (under revision). A non-randomized longitudinal study of rehabilitation patients: Physical activity, subjective health and positive affect. Rehabilitation Psychology.
  • Duan Y.P., Wienert J., Hu C., Si G.Y. & Lippke S. (2017). Web-Based Intervention for Physical Activity and Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Chinese University Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 19(4): e106.
  • Niemeier,B.S., Duan,Y.P.*, Shang,B.R., & Yang,J. (2017). Parental Influences on Weight-Related Health Behaviors in Western and Eastern Cultures. Child: Care, Health and Development. 43(2):259-266.
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Research Grants (Since 2013)

    • “Psychosocial and Behavioral Features of Physical Activity Fluctuators: A Mixed-Methods Study among Office Employees” (PI)

      Grant Support: Faculty Research Grant, HKBU, HK$ 50,000
      Commencement date: 1/11/2017
      Expected completion date: 30/6/2018

  • “Promoting influenza prevention for elderly people in Hong Kong: A Health Action Process Approach” (Co-I)

    Grant Support: Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF), Food and Health Bureau, HK$729,320
    Ref no: 16151222.
    Commencement date: 1/9/17
    Expected completion date: 31/8/19

  •  “The Effectiveness of an E-Intervention on Health Behavior Promotion for Chinese University Students” (PI)

    Grant Support: Faculty Research Grant, HKBU, HK$ 150,000
    Commencement date: 1/6/2016
    Expected completion date: 31/12/2017

  • The Contributions of Urban Parks to Physical Activity among the Older Adults: A Comparative Study between Hong Kong and Germany” (PI)

    Grant Support: Hong Kong SAR Government’s RGC (Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2015/16), HK$ 50,000
    Commencement date: 1/1/2016
    Expected completion date: 31/12/2017

  • “Physical Activities in Urban Parks among Older Adults in Hong Kong and Its Environmental and Psychosocial Correlates”, PI
    Grant Support: HKBU, Faculty Research Grant, HK$100,000
    Commencement date: 1 Oct 2014
    Expected completion date: 31 Oct 2015
  • “A Preliminary Study of an Eight-week E-health Learning Program in Chinese Rehabilitation-aftercare Patients”, PI
    Grant Support: HKBU, Faculty Research Grant, HK$50,000
    Commencement date: 1 Sept 2013
    Completion date: 31 Dec 2014
  • “Stages of Physical Activity, Activity Patterns and Health Status: A Theory-based Empirical Study on Young People in Hong Kong”, 2012-2013, PI
    Grant Support: HKBU, Faculty Research Grant, HK$100,000
    Commencement date: 1 Jun 2012
    Completion date: 30 Nov 2013
  • “Young Adults and Their Parents’ Behaviors that Influence Developmental Patterns of Young Adults’ Weight-Related Health Behaviors: A Comparative Analysis of American and Chinese Research Participants”, Co-I
    Grant Support: University of Wisconsin Whitewater, USA. Research Funding, USD1,000
    Commencement date: 1 Oct 2013
    Completion date: 31 Jan 2014

Community/Professional Services (Ongoing)

  • Coordinator of B.Soc.Sc. (Hons.) in Sport and Recreation Leadership Program of PE Department, Jan. 2017 - present
  • Coordinator of Staff Research Development of PE Department at Shek Mun Campus, Sept. 2015- present,
  • PE Department representative to Faculty Research Postgraduate Regulations Committee, Sept. 2015- present