Assistant Professor


HONG, Sungil 洪性一

Ph.D. in Sport Finance & Economics, Florida State University, USA
M.Sc. in Sport Administration, University of Louisville, USA
B.A. in Asian History, Korea University, Korea

Research Focuss

  • Demand in sport
  • Stadium financing
  • Innovation diffusion in professional sports



  • Awarded the Certificate of Measurement and Statistics from the Department of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems at Florida State University (May 2010)
  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence. College of Liberal Arts, Korea University (Sept 1998)

Recent Publications (Since 2013)

  • Hong, S., & Magnusen, M.J. (2017). From virtual reality to reality: Examining the relationship between sport video gaming and sport consumption behaviors. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Management, 8(4), 41-49.
  • Kellison, T. & Hong, S. (2015). The adoption and diffusion of pro-environmental stadium design. European Sport Management Quarterly, 15(2), 249-269. (SSCI)
  • Kim, S., Hong, S., Andrew, D.P.S (2013). Sustainable volunteerism at a major international sporting event: The impact of perceived event prestige. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 5(4), 49-72.
  • Hong, S., Ahn, S., & Chung, T. (2013). An examination of determinant factors influencing local governments' sport industry policy adoption and diffusion: A case of Major League Baseball host cities. Korean Journal of Sport Management.18(6), 25-39.
  • Hong, S., Mondello, M., & Coates, D. (2013). Examination of the effects of the recent economic crisis on MLB attendance demand. International Journal of Sport Finance, 8(2), 140-156 (SSCI).
  • Hong, S., Lee, J., & Lee, J. (2013). An Examination of Outcome Uncertainty and Attendance Demand in Major League. Journal of Sport and Leisure Studies, 51, 257-267.
  • Hong, S. (2013). Innovation Adoption and Diffusion in Major League Baseball: A Case of Stadium Construction. The Korean Journal of Physical Education, 52(2), 299-311.

Professional Memberships (Ongoing)

  • Member, North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) (Since 2007)