Associate Head and Professor


CHEUNG, Siu Yin, MH 張小燕

Position:              Associate Head and Professor
Office:                  AAB 922, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus
Telephone No.:   3411 5637
Fax No.:               3411 5757              
Email:                  cheungsy@hkbu.edu.hk





Doctor of Physical Education, specialized in Sport Psychology, Springfield College, USA
Master of Science, specialized in Community Physical Education, Springfield College, USA
Advanced Teacher's Certificate, Grantham College of Education, HK
Teacher's Certificate, Northcote College of Education, HK

Research Focus

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Aging
  • Physical Education
  • Gymnastics
  • Sport and Leisure Management

Teaching (selected)

  • PhD supervision

Master of Social Sciences in Sport and Leisure Management Program

  • Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Sport and Leisure, 2006 - 2016.

B.A. (Hons) Physical Education and Recreation Studies/Management Program

  • Leadership and Communication in Sport and Recreation, 2015-2018.
  • Motor Learning and Motor Development, 1994-2013, 2015-2018
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2003-2014.


Awards/Professional Qualification

  • Medal of Honour, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, 2004.


  • President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2016.
  • Certificate of Merit Student Stress Management Platform (SSMP), Quality Education Fund Outstanding Project Awards, 2008.
  • Champion, the 1996 Open Contest on Production of Physical Education Teaching Materials for Hong Kong Secondary Schools.


  • Senior Fellow, American Leisure Academy (ALA), 2009
  • Research Fellow, Research Consortium, The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance, 2003.


  • International Brevet Judge in Women's Artistic Gymnastics, International Federation of Gymnastics (F.I.G.), 1986-2016.
  • Honorary Member, Executive Committee, Asian Gymnastics Union, 2012.


Recent Publications (Since 2012)
Referred Journal Papers:

  • Mak, J. Y., & Cheung, S. Y. The Internationales Deutsches Turnfest Berlin 2017 as an event to promote physical literacy. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 88(8), 5-6, DOI: 10.1080/07303084.2017.1365564.
  • Mak, J. Y., Cheung, S. Y. & Chiu, T. C. (2017). In house versus outsourcing: Effects of service quality and consumer satisfaction of sport centers, Journal of Applied Marketing Theory, 7(1), 80-94.
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  • Cardinal, B. J., Boonchauythanasit, K., Cheung, S. Y., Lee, H., & Si, Q. (2016). The modern Olympic games – 1896, 2016, and beyond: Can elite sport spectacle’s incite movement among the masses or do they merely foster spectatoritis?” (Viewpoint Column). Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 87(7), 5-8.  doi: 10.1080/07303084.2016.1203670
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  • Mak, J. Y., Cheung, S.Y., King, C. C., & Lam, E. T. (2016).  Validation of the Olympic Games attitude scale (OGAS): Evidence from exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1091367X.2016.1146143.
  • Choi, P. H., & Cheung, S.Y. (2016). Effects of an 8-week structured physical activity program on psychosocial behaviors of children with intellectual disabilities. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 33,1-14. doi:10.1123/APAQ.2014-0213.
  • Cheung, S.Y. (2013). Promoting active aging in Hong Kong. Pan-Asian Journal of Sports and Physical Education, 5(1), 1-7.
  • Cheung, S.Y., Chan, W. K. & Levy, J. (2012). Motivation and goal orientations of Master Games participants in Hong Kong. The Sport Journal, 15 <http://www.thesportjournal.org/tags/volume-15>.
  • Li, H.T., Chan, J. S., Cheung, S.Y., & Yan, J.H. (2012). Inhibitory control differentiates rare target search performance in children. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 114(1), 339-351.


Book Chapters:

  • Cheung, S.Y., Kwok, H.H.M., & Choi, P. H. (2017). Perceptions regarding the implementation of E-portfolio for students in sport and recreation internship placements. In T. Chaudhuri, & B. Cabau (Eds.), E-portfolio in higher education: A multidisciplinary approach. (pp.131-140). Singapore: Springer.
  • Wong, E.Y.W., Kwong, T.F.N., Cheung, S.Y., Ng, G.M.S., Chiu, R.W.P., & Zhong, E.Y.Q. (2016). Augmented reality mobile learning trails to develop students’ academic integrity. In D. Remenyi (Ed.). E-learning excellence awards 2016: An anthology of case histories. (pp.217-232). United Kingdom: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited.
  • Cheung, S.Y. (2014). Application of problem -based learning strategies to acquisition of sport psychology skills. In A. Siva, D. W.K. Chan, & E. Y.W. Wong (Eds.), Studies on teaching and learning Volume 3.(pp.119-129). Hong Kong: Pearson Education Asia Limited.
  • Jones, D.F., D’Amico Lopez, R., Mwisukha, J., Cheung, S.Y., Piatkowska, M., Wanderi, P., Mak, J. Y., & Thairu, M. (2013). Examining sport management as a global academic discipline. In J. E. Saunders, M. Holzweg, W. Ho, & L. Housner, (Eds.), Current issues in Contemporary comparative physical education and sport. (pp.142-168). Berlin: Logos Verlag.


Referred Conference Proceedings:

  • Cheung, S.Y. (2015). Promotion of active aging by the social ecological model. In F. Fu, & J. Levy (Eds.), Active aging and quality of life 2014. (pp.103-109).


Research Report:

  • HO, W. ,LIU, R. & Cheung, S.Y. (2013). Evaluation study on the implementation of the physical education curriculum in Hong Kong. Commissioned by the Education Bureau of HKSAR.


Research Grants (Since 2012)

Research and Teaching Development             
[TOTAL: HK$16,168,898.50  (US$2,072,935.7)]

  • “Unified Gymnastics for All Program” with Dr. Peggy Choi and Mr. Mak Tsz Shun (Co-Is)

    Grant support: Knowledge Transfer Fund,HKBU,HK$90,000
    Commencement date: October, 2016
    Completion date: September, 2017

  • "Provision of Consultancy Services for a Study on Sport for People with Disabilities in Hong Kong" with Prof. Frank Fu (PI) and Dr. Peggy Choi (Co-I)
    Grant support: Home Affair Bureau, HK$1,396,850
    Commencement date: May 2015
    Completion date: Mar 2016
  • "Using Sports to Assist Drug Abusers to Abstain from Drug Use" with Dr. Peggy Choi and Mr. Mak Tsz Shun, Co-Is
    Grant support: Tung Wah Group of Hospitals CROSS Center, HK$114,689.50
    Commencement date: May 2015
    Completion date: May 2016
  • "Top-up Fund for Community of Practice Project: Enhancing students’ graduate attributes (GAs) through problem based learning and service learning in formal academic courses”, PI with 8 colleagues
    Grant support: Teaching Development Grants, HK$120,000
    Commencement date: May 2015
    Completion date: Dec 2016
  • “The effects of intermittent hypoxia training on physical and cognitive functions for older adults”, with Dr. Wendy Huang, Dr. Guo Linxuan, and Prof. Frank Fu, Co-Is
    Grant Support: Faculty Research Grants, HKBU, HK$149,900
    Commencement Date: May 2015
    Completion Date: Dec 2016
  • “Reinforcing the importance of academic integrity and ethics in students through blended learning-A Deployment of Augmented reality applications”, with Dr. Eva Wong (P-I) and 18 faculty members
    Grant Support: UGC additional funding for theme-based projects on teaching and learning related initiatives, HK$7,985,000 (HKBU’S HK$4,139,000)
    Commencement Date: Jun 2014
    Completion Date: Dec 2017
  • “A Community of Practice to create a model for student e-portfolios as a tool for life-long learning and assessment” with Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri (P-I) and 10 colleagues
    Grant Support: Teaching Development Grants, HK$400,400
    Commencement Date: May 2014
    Completion Date: Dec 2016
  • "Community of Practice Project: Enhancing students’ graduate attributes (GAs) through problem based learning and service learning in formal academic courses”, PI with 8 colleagues
    Grant support: Teaching Development Grants, HK$499,760
    Commencement date: Dec 2013
    Completion date: Jun 2015
  • “Evaluation Study on the Implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum” with Dr. Walter Ho (P-I) and Dr. Raymond Liu (Co-I).

    Grant support: Education Bureau, HKSAR, HK$481,227.00
    Commencement date: June, 2011
    Completion date: February, 2013


Community/Professional Services (Selected)

International Organization Executive Committee Member:

    • International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) 2011 – 2019.


Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

    • Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals, Security Bureau, 1/7/2014-30/6/2018.
    • Administrative Appeals Board, Administrative Wing, Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office. 15/7/2012-14/7/2018.
    • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, Physical Education, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, 2012-2016.


    • Senior Assessor, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination in Physical Education (gymnastics), Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, 2012, 2014, 2016. 


Gymnastics Related Professional Services

    • The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China, 2004 - current


    • Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped, 2002 – current.
    • Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre. 2005 – current.

Board Member:

    • Board Member, Sports Ministry Coalition Ltd. 1995 – current.
    • School Management Committee, YMCA College of Careers, 2008-current