Message by the Head of Department




Message by the Head of Department

Welcome to the virtual gateway of the Department of Physical Education. This website is developed to convey the basic information on research, teaching, and services of our department.

The Department of Physical Education has a long and proud history of its outstanding achievements across an array of academic fields related to physical education, sport and leisure services. Over the decades, the department has garnered recognitions for its academic and research prowess and its commitment to community outreach through its centers and voluntary activities.

The Department has a strong academic and teaching team, in which over 30 are working full-time whereas over 10 are in part-time. There are also over 30 staff in helping the management of research centers and sports facilities. This team commits to providing innovative and quality teaching and learning experiences, cutting-edge international research, and commitment to excellent community services in Hong Kong and beyond.

The Department also provides a variety of programs and services. The academic units offer an associate degree program, two undergraduate programs, two master programs, and one doctoral program, as well as physical education courses in the General Education Program to all undergraduate students in the university.

In addition to its academic units, the Department oversees the management of the sports facilities, which serve the university student body through various intramural sport competitions, individual sport club activities, and intercollegiate sport competitions.

Our Mission

To be in line with the university mission of whole-person education, the Department aims to prepare quality graduates to serve as administrators in the sport and recreation profession as well as physical educators in school setting. Through continuous improvement on our academic programs and services to local community, we pledge to strive for academic excellence and leading role in the profession.

The Department

The Department of Physical Education strives to excel in research, teaching & learning, and service. It offers two undergraduate programs, namely the Physical Education and Recreation Management, and the Sport and Recreation Leadership. It also offers a master program in Sport and Leisure Management, and a research post-graduate program in sports science and recreation management. In addition, the Department offers a Physical Education Courses in the General Education Program. It also manages the university sport teams in participation in intercollegiate sport competition organized by the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong as well as the sport facilities at Kowloon Tong Campus.

Professor CHUNG Pak Kwong
Department of Physical Education