Self-financed Degrees

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sport and Recreation Leadership

Associate of Science in Sport and Recreation Studies

B.Soc.Sc. (Hons) in Sport and Recreation Leadership (For Associate Degree graduate or equivalent qualifications)



There is an increased demand for sport and recreation professionals who possess special leadership and management skills to serve diverse populations. This program prepares graduates who are able to provide sport and recreation services for the mainstream population and for populations with special needs, such as elderly people, people with physical/intellectual disabilities and people who require other special attentions.


The programme aims to equip students with an array of sport and recreation related vocational skills that are important for meeting the service needs of diverse populations.

Course Syallabi

I. Required Courses (48 units)

Life-span Development
Individual Differences in Physical Attributes and Movement Patterns
Individual Differences in Cognition, Learning and Skill
Scientific Principles of Human Movement
Recreation Leadership
Recreation Programming and Program Evaluation
Communication for Sport and Recreation Leaders
Internship I
Leisure Education
Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Education Programming
Marketing in Sport and Recreation
Design and Management of Sport and Recreation Facilities
Sport and Recreation for Persons with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities
Financial and Human Resources Management in Sport and Recreation
Health Fitness Assessment and Fitness Prescription
Internship II

II. Elective Courses (12 units)

Planning and Leading Rhythmic Activities
Planning and Leading Inclusive Games and Activities
Prevention and Care of Sport Injuries
Planning and Leading Water Activities
Sports for Persons with Special Needs
Leisure Counseling
Research Methods
Independent Project

Career Opportunities

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