Assistant Professor


KIM, Seungmo 金承模

Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Sciences (Specialization in Sport Management), University of Tennessee, USA
M.A in Sport and Exercise Management, The Ohio State University, USA
B.E. in Industrial Engineering, Kon-Kuk University, Korea

Research Focuss

  • Organizational Theory/Behavior & Human Resource Management


Recent Publications (Since 2012)
Refereed Journals:

  • Kim, S., Liu, J., & Love, A. (in press). Event prestige as a mediator between sport involvement and intent to continue participation. Perceptual and Motor Skills.
  • Kim, S., Liu, J., & Love, A. (in press). The impact of event prestige on intent to continue sport participation, Journal of Sport Behavior.
  • Kim, S., & Andrew, D.P.S. (2015). Relationships between organizational justice and coaches’ attitudinal outcomes in intercollegiate athletics. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. 10(2+3), 305-326.
  • Kim, S., Andrew, D.P.S., Lee, C., & Lee, J. (2014). The Impact of perceived event prestige on volunteer commitment and satisfaction at a mega sporting event. International Journal of Sport Management. 15(4),438-461
  • Lee, S., Kim, S., & Love, A. (2014). Coverage of the Gay Games from 1980-2012 in U.S. newspapers: An analysis of newspaper article framing. Journal of Sport Management, 28 (2), 176-188.
  • Kim, S., Hong, S., & Andrew, D.P.S. (2013). Sustainable volunteerism at a major international sporting event: The impact of perceived event prestige. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 5(4), 49-72.
  • Kim, S., & Andrew, D.P.S. (2013). Organizational justice in intercollegiate athletics: Perceptions of coaches. Sport Management Review, 16(2), 200-210.
  • Kim, S., Magnusen, M.J., Andrew, D.P.S., & Stoll, J. (2012). Are transformational leaders a double-edged sword? Impact of transformational leadership on sport employee commitment and job satisfaction. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 7(4), 661-676.


Research Grants (Since 2012)

  • “Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Sports: Scale Development and Validation.”, with Liu, J., & Love, A., 2015
    Grant Support: Faculty Research Grant, HKBU, HK$81,000 (US$10,440)
  • “The Role of Sport Commitment and Perceived Event Prestige in Predicting Marathon Participation.”, with Liu, J., 2013
    Grant Support: Faculty Research Grant, HKBU, HK$28,000 (US$3,609)

Community/Professional Services (Ongoing)

  • Editorial Board Member, Global Sport Business Association Journal (Since 2014)
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Sport Management (Since 2013)
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Applied Sport Management (Since 2013)